About us

TNC Maps is dedicated to sharing conservation GIS data and web maps created by The Nature Conservancy. The site is maintained by The Nature Conservancy's North American Region science team in partnership with our Technology and Information Systems group.

Dan Majka

Dan Majka

Sr. Cartographer / Analyst

Dan designed and updates TNC Maps, but has not yet created any of the actual maps or datasets on the site. He performs spatial analysis and cartography for The Nature Conservancy's North American Region science team, and previously served TNC's Arizona conservation science team from 2007-2012. Before joining TNC, he created a GIS toolkit for designing wildlife corridors, spent a year designing wildlife corridors in Arizona, and wrote his Master's thesis at Purdue on using species distribution modeling to understand localalized bird distributions in the TilarĂ¡n Mountains of Costa Rica. He doesn't normally write in the third person.

Jon Fisher

Jim Platt

GIS Programmer Analyst / Data Backhoe

Jim manages core datasets for TNC, and can be contacted for any questions related to data found on the site. He has been roaming the geospatial pastures for the past 25 years, and worked for The Nature Conservancy since 2007.


This site would not have been possible without earlier work from Jon Fisher, Dave Smetana, and Danielle Conboy. Eric Coffman and Kyle Burford in TNC's Conservation Systems and Services group helped with some javascripty elements of the site.

All of the infrastructure to publish this data was set up by a large group of staff from the Conservancy's Technology and Information Systems team, and many maps and data were created with a generous software donation from ESRI.

For TNC Staff

If you are interested in publishing a map, please visit the spatial data publishers community on the TNC intranet, which has guidance and a place to ask questions and receive support.