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NOTE: If the map says "Data may still be loading" you will need to either zoom into the map, or reload the page. You should only see this message once for each map.

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Note that these maps have been replaced with an updated version of these maps which work better. We recommend using the new maps, although we are providing this version as well for those who want it.

To download the data in KML format, select a layer from the map above, then hit the "Download Data (Google)" button. Once the Fusion Table opens, select Visualize | Map, then click the "Download KML" link above the map (if you don't see the Visualize menu, simply select File | Download). The data is also available in Esri layer package format from DataBasin.

These maps are the result of an unprecedented effort by Nature Conservancy scientists, in collaboration with governments, scientists and conservation organizations around the world - over 80 global maps describing the state of terrestrial, freshwater and marine habitats. They are displayed here using Google Fusion Tables technology. Contact us with any questions.

Our work with Google is funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.