LANDFIRE Biophysical System Name

LANDFIRE's (LF) 2016 Remap (Remap) Biophysical Settings (BPS) product ( represents the vegetation system that may have been dominant on the landscape prior to Euro-American settlement. BPS is based on both the current biophysical environment and an approximation of the historical disturbance regime. Map units are based on NatureServe's Ecological Systems classification and represent the natural plant communities that may have been present during the reference period. Each BPS map unit is matched with a model of vegetation succession and both serve as key inputs to the LANDSUM landscape succession model (Keane et al. 2006). The actual time period for this data set is determined by historical context provided by the fire regime, vegetation system dynamics modeling, and the recent field and geospatial inputs used to create it. Weather data from the Daily Surface Weather and Climatological Summaries database ((DAYMET) were compiled from 1980 to 1997. LF uses BPS to depict reference conditions of vegetation systems across landscapes and should not be regarded as a representation of existing vegetation. LF Remap BPS is unchanged from LF Nationals BPS except for updates made to water, barren and snow classes (additions or removal), so that not vegetated cover types within the spatial BPS product matches LF existing vegetation and fuel products.