Forest Types

Forest carbon stock for 2010 was estimated by Williams et al. (2021) for forested lands using this forest types dataset from Ruefenacht et al. (2008). The method used to calculate 2050 forest carbon stocks was the same as described in Williams et al. (2021), except that the model assumed no disturbances to the forests after the year 2010.

Ruefenacht, B., M.V. Finco, M.D. Nelson, R. Czaplewski, E.H. Helmer, J.A. Blackard, G.R. Holden, A.J. Lister, D. Salajanu, D. Weyermann, and K. Winterberger. 2008. Conterminous U.S. and Alaska Forest Type Mapping Using Forest Inventory and Analysis Data. Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing 74:1379–1388.

Williams, C. A., N. Hasler, H. Gu, and Y. Zhou. 2021. Forest Carbon Stocks and Fluxes from the NFCMS, Conterminous USA, 1990-2010. ORNL Distributed Active Archive Center