Study Regions

Study Regions: For the lower 48 states, this analysis was completed in each of nine study regions over a ten-year period and then integrated into a single dataset. We also completed this analysis for the states of Hawaii and Alaska. In each region, a steering committee of 20 to 30 conservation scientists tested and reviewed the results and helped tailor the methods to reflect the ecology and landscapes of the region. Although we used a consistent approach, decisions like the identification of geophysical settings, relative importance of certain variables, and recognition of ecological thresholds were tested against local biotic data and expert knowledge to ensure that the results were appropriate to the region. We encourage you to download the report and methods for your study region of interest: Eastern US, Great Lakes and Tallgrass Prairie, Great Plains, Lower Mississippi and Ozarks, Rocky Mountains and Desert Southwest, Pacific Northwest, California, Alaska (Coastal and Terrestrial), and Hawaii (Coastal and Terrestrial).